Angelo Sosa

I am so proud to launch AOSbySOSA. We believe in creating collaborative relationships with our clients. At AOS we work with only the highest quality fabrics, tailored to perfection and designed by creative minds. I am extremely proud to say that all our items are made in the USA.
- Angelo Sosa


Gennaro Pecchia

I'm truly excited to partner with the passionate and talented, Chef Angelo Sosa.  His vision, AOSbySOSA, has afforded me the opportunity to contribute "more" to the world that I love so much - the food world.  I’m honored to be involved with a classy and unique brand that helps chefs look and feel their best and that also supports causes greater than itself. 

Kerrie Washington

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

"For me" it's acting from a pure place - a place of love.  That's what I saw in AOSbySOSA; a true labor of love!  It's so much more than's a conduit for us to activate a positive shift in this world by bringing awareness and giving back. I'm #grateful.

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